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Hello everyone today I am going to be sharing ways to regrow your napes and front hair back. This is something I see most of us Nigerian girls suffering from and I believe it is mostly because of our choices when it comes to protective styling, find out which protective styles is best for your hair type HERE . This tips will definitely help you grow your napes and edges and also help prevent more hair loss and as always I have tried this myself and these are what I find work.
  • Find the right protective style for you hair:  While lots of protective styles are out there, not everyone is meant for your hair type, some hair types/textures handle braids and sew ins well while others just do not, Find out more HERE. I also urge you to tell your stylist not to pick you napes or edges while protective styling.
  • Moisturize your napes and edges daily:  This goes a long way to grow out those napes and edges. Use whatever oil you have, or any moisturizer. Black castor oil and cold pressed shea butter are definitely my favourite, I do this morning and night even if I have on a protective style. I also occasionally heat up the oil and message the oil while warm into my nape and edges. DIY SHEA BUTTER MIX HERE

  • Keep relaxers away: Obeying this tip will go a long way in growing your napes and edges. whenever you have a need to apply any chemical to your hair, keep it away from your napes and edges and if you must apply it apply it lastly and take off quickly. I had to start applying my texturizers myself just so I could keep it off my napes and edges (we all know how Nigerian stylist can be, they never listen).
  • Stop straining your edges and napes.  
Disclaimer: This tips may not produce results immediately, it all depends on how fast your hair grows, but in the long run no matter your hair growth rate,it will work.

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  1. I totally agree with the tip on keeping relaxers away...