Hey guys welcome back to the blog. Today I want to discuss something that's really important in the make up world and that is choosing the right make up for your skin type. There are so many makeup options out there and trying to figure out which works for you can be very tricky especially if you are a make up newbie. I will be referring specifically to oily girls like me, because that's my skin type and that's the type of makeup I know how to buy.


The first base of most peoples make up these days is primer. Primers help to make your skin ready for makeup, so weather its large pores, oiliness or dryness there is a primer for you. If you have oily skin you should opt for oil free primers and primers which are specifically targeted at people with oily skin. 

Silicone based primers(usually come out as a transparent thick plastic looking gel consistency) are always a bad idea. Silicone based primers I find are really great for masking pores but aren't great for oily skin, it just has a way of making the oiliness of your skin appear even more, they are better for those with normal to dry skin. There are really good primers that aren't silicone based, that still help with minimizing pores, like the benefit porefessional primer

A really good affordable oil control primer for oily skin is the Rimmel stay matte primer and the great part is that they are readily available in Nigeria, either online or at local beauty stores that carry foreign brands.
So long story short, silicone based primers are a NO, NO and go for primers specifically for those with oily skin.

When it comes to foundations, as oily skin girls we have to be on the look out and not pick just any foundation we see on the shelves  just because someone said its a good one or you know someone who uses it and it looks good on, you have to consider if the person has oily skin first. 

If you have oily skin please opt for foundations which have words like matte or oil free or that specifically says for oily skin. I made a post on foundations for oily skin which can be readily found in Nigeria, you can check it out for some recommendations which I have. 


When it comes to oily skin the more powder products you use on your face the better, so while for your under eye you definitely have to use a concealer, for contouring I recommend just using a bronzer alone or just a darker powder, instead of adding more grease to your face. The same recommendation goes for blushes, instead of applying cream blushes opt for powder versions and the same goes for highlighters.


While powders are generally meant to mattify your face and absorb as much oil as possible from your face, there are certain powders that definitely do a better job at that than others while making your face look nice and not cakey. I also do find that if you have extremely oily skin, loose powders work better at mattifying your make up than regular pressed powders. HERE are a few very affordable powders available in Nigeria which are great for oily skin.


When it comes to brows, opt for products that aren't so creamy another tip is to set your brows with a loose powder before you apply your brow gels and pencils, just to keep that area mattified all day.

Thank you for reading today's blog post and I hope it helps you in some way. Do have a lovely day.


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