So I just made a post about natural hairstyles and I figured this will be a good follow up to that post. Natural hairstyles are cute and all but the wrong products could make your hair come out wrong and also make it not last as long as you want it to.

In today's blog post I will share with you certain products and tips that has worked for me when it comes to achieving a good natural hairstyle that last.

HAIR MOUSSE: Hair mousses or the magic foam like I like to call them are the top on my list when it comes to styles that hold. When it comes to natural hair styles the lesser the amount of water content in the product used to style the better. A good quality hair mousse will hold your hair style in place without making your hair hard and ashy looking. This one from Cantu is a really good one and it helps that it is readily available in Nigeria.

TIP: Because of the effect of  the holding effect of hair mousses, please make sure to apply a leave in or some form of hair moisturizer prior to applying your hair mousse just so your hair has moisture in it. If you are also struggling with hair dryness a hair mousse may not be for you.

Hair gels are another good way to retain your curls, I really like the aunt jackies' don't shrink gel because they get the job done without making my hair overly hard and unmanageable or sticky, the effect of the gel fades off on its own too and I don't have to re wet my hair just so I can de tangle it and style again. Just like the mousse apply some leave in or moisturizer first. If you are also have really dry hair don't make this a habit. The popular eco styler is also a good alternative.

Curling custards are the next on my list. They are really thick and have little water content and as such help your style come out beautifully while retaining it. Personally' I mostly like using some kind of curling custard or a really thick hair lotion when it comes to styling my hair, It doesn't hold my styles as good as long as a hair mousse or gel would but it does hold and it always leaves my hair moisturized at the end.

Well now your style looks good and can hold better even when in a humid atmosphere but you still have to make sure you cover your hair with a satin bonnet and if for any reason you have to get under the rain  always take both your satin bonnet and your shower cap.

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