Welcome to another blog post, a big question I often get is what I will say are must have curly hair tools or products, for products it is easy I always say conditioner, but I decided to make this post just to share a few hair tools that I can literally not do without and I really believe every curly girl should always have.

Satin bonnets and pillowcases are my number one, sometimes even when I am not sleeping most especially when the weather is harsh like the Harmattan season, I often wear this just to help trap in the moisture in my hair and keep it locked in, this is basically the work of a satin bonnet and or pillowcase, it makes sure all that moisture u just applied doesn't go to waste, it basically locks in that moisture and prevents frizz. I can tell the difference between when I apply a leave in or moisturizer to my hair and cover with a bonnet and when I don't, my hair just looks richly moisturized and just yummy. So number one on my list is a satin bonnet or pillowcase or both.

The second on my list will have to be a wide toothed comb, please if you have hair weather it is relaxed or natural or whatever get a wide toothed comb, this cost like 150 Naira there about. Whenever you want to detangle your hair with any comb, the first comb to go in with is a wide toothed comb just to minimize breakage as much as possible.

N. B: Always detangle your hair from ends to root and never from root to ends, also avoid always making it a habit to comb your hair when it is completely dry.

The next tool on my list will have to be a spray bottle, one of the longest days being natural or curly is wash days, getting a spray bottle will honestly be like the best thing you have ever done while you are natural. I cannot even begin to tell you how much stress having a spray bottle lifts from me, it helps whenever I want to style my hair but don't want the stress of going under the tap to wet my hair in other to make it more pliable. Whenever I just want to do anything that requires me wetting my hair and it isn't officially wash day, I use this. Please follow me on ig @prettymundne I am going to start posting clips on my styling and hair care routine and how these tools actually work for me and why they are a must for every curly girl

Butterfly hair clips or just hair clips in general are the next on my list, honestly when I used to watch natural or curly hair videos on You tube, I didn't understand the importance of many of these tools and hair clips are one of those things. They help on wash days especially when your hair is on the longer side, it generally just makes it easier for you to work in sections without being disturbed by other strands of hair. Hair clips also help in reducing breakage.

This one I feel is very self explanatory, it is exactly what it is, it is a container where you put oils in and apply to your hair. This is not a do or die affair when it comes to hair tools, but if you are someone who does hot oil treatments or you are like me who likes to have her own oil mix, this is perfect for you, it just allows for easy despensing.
This is what we like to call the afro comb, I just like to use this just after I use the wide toothed comb, just to ensure i properly detangled my hair, this is also the most effective way to fluff out your hair to give it more volume during styling.

While you could easily use a nylon bag to do the job of a shower cap, a shower cap is just a really convenient way to deep condition your hair and no matter where you are in your natural hair jouney deep conditioning is a must, I do recommend to deep condition atleast once a week, I have been slacking in that aspect as well but I should resume doing that again soon and just in case you are curious my favorite deep conditioner is the aunt jackies' in control texture softner, it is indeed amazing, it softens and detangles my hair like no other.

N.B: A shower cap cannot replace a satin bonnet and vice versa.

Thank you for reading, feel free to drop your questions, I always reply as soon as I can.


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