So, welcome to another blog post, you can drop your email so you don't miss out on future blog post. Today we are going to discuss something very common and nothing to be ashamed of, we all didn't create ourselves. Knock knees are really common amongst tall people and people on the fatter side and while there are very minor ones which are barely noticeable there are others which are and those are mostly who this post are for.

Knowing to dress for your body type is important, while I am an advocate for people wearing what they want, the fact remains that knowing your body type and dressing accordingly helps you look better, and boasts your confidence more because you can cover up what you are not so comfortable with and extenuate what you really like about your body.


DONT: Wear short things no matter how really tempting they are, especially those really short gowns and skirts. They have a way of shortening your legs and making your knock knees more obvious.

DO: Wear things instead that cover up your knees but still show some skin and sexiness, opt for midi and maxi dresses instead That hug you in the right places and whenever you want to show some skin you could wear the ones which have slits at the sides.

Personally, I prefer the slits being at the sides rather than the middle , it just looks better on knock knees. If you do insist on wearing really short things, I would say that shorts look better on knock knees than short skirts, they show off the full length of the top part of your legs better and if you have boots it makes your bottom appear wider there by balancing out your top part(If that makes any sense)

If you are on the taller side

If you aren't so tall and also good for tall people too.
DON'T: Wear leggings or pencil aka skinny jeans under any condition, just forget it. The whole purpose of leggings and skinny jeans is to show off your legs and extenuate it. If you still insist on wearing them just wear em with high waist boots that are really wide at the top.

DO: Opt for more wide legged pants, palazzos, boot cuts and straight pants rather than pants that are tight from the knee down.
Instead of showing off your legs when you wear these types of pants, show off something else. 

Show off your flat belle and chiselled abs in a number like this, you can opt for a wide legged pant with a cropped top or brallet. 

Even if you are on the fuller side and aren't comfortable showing off your belle, you could always wear a high waisted pant with some kind of body suit to show off your curve.

DO: Show off things instead about yourself that you love, weather it is a little cleavage or the smoothness of your skin with those off shoulder numbers.

DO: Accessorize, take the attention away from your legs with accessories and bold colors. Dare to wear bold pieces and colors.

I hope this helps someone, If you have any thing to add you could drop a comment and I will be happy to respond. 


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