Conditioners are the most important thing on your natural hair journey, as you know that its harder for your natural hair to retain moisture unlike your relaxed bone straight hair. Basically the tighter your curls the more moisture you need.

Finding conditioners that are affordable with this present Nigerian economy is a hassle and the cost of products has frustrated so many people to perm their hair and to be honest it is part of what made me texturize my hair. 

Even though my hair is texturized I still have curls in my hair and it needs moisture so conditioners are still a huge part of my hair care routine.

Here are some conditioners you can get that are affordable and work great.

I actually just recently realized that the tresemme' conditioners for some reason are getting popular on the shelves at local beauty supply stores in Nigeria, it cost around 2500 Naira and is a huge bottle and will last you a good while. 

HELPFUL TIP: So if you are like me and are on a budget and cannot always afford both a regular conditioner as well as a deep conditioner, you could use a really good regular conditioner, add some oils to it and use it to deep condition just as I did here , its not as good as a regular deep conditioner but it works just fine. 

Next on my list will have to be the cantu shea moisture line, their products are between the 1500-3500 Naira range and I like their products because of the size, right now I personally own the leave in conditioner and it works fine for entangling and just generally moisturizing my hair. If you have additional cash to splurge you could try to get their curling pudding its great for styling.

HELPFUL TIP: Whenever you put any form of moisture to your hair, always make sure you seal it with an oil, it helps make sure the moisture doesn't escape and most importantly always sleep with a satin bonnet, this two tips will change your hair completely, that I can promise.

The next on my list will be the VO5 conditioner, I absolutely love this conditioner, its my ride or die. I often go for the moisturizing conditioners always, so when buying always look for the word moisturizing conditioner before you buy. It is my co wash conditioner and also whenever I am out of a deep conditioner, I use it as my deep as well I just use the tip I stated above. The VO5 conditioner cost anywhere from 700-800 Naira.

Texture my way hair lotion is not a product I thought I would like honestly, I knew about this product because I used their texturizer  kit in the past and really liked the hair lotion and so when I was looking for a leave in and saw this I decided to give it a go and since I got this I have not used any other product like it serves as a leave in as well as a good styling product. The only issue with this is that finding it in Nigeria isn't as easy, but some stores still carry it. This cost around 2000-2500 Naira. 

The last on my least is the aunt jackie's leave in conditioner, I raved about this in one of my blog post . If you are someone who suffers from dry hair, I strongly recommend this deep conditioner, its a big tub and it last a good while. It cost between 3000 to 3500 Naira and is worth every penny, now I don't always buy a deep conditioner but whenever I do, this is what I buy.

I have actually used the deep conditioner from this brand and honestly I absolutely hated it, I felt it was too thick and will probably be better for styling like a curling pudding and as a result I was really skeptical about buying this but I still got it. This I have to say was worth every penny it cost 1,500 Naira and I took it for my SALON VISIT because I always go with it some kind of leave in or detangler. I works like magic and it doesn't hurt that it also smells really good too, I am going to buy two more of these so it doesn't end up like the texture my way lotion that I couldn't find anywhere any longer.

N.B: I can vouch for this particular product in the aunt jackie's line, I have tried another of their product which I didn't really fancy, I believe it was their leave in.

Thank you for reading. I made sure I tried to keep the mentioned products below the 3500 Naira mark. if you have any other to add or better still have any questions please do leave it below and I will be happy to get back to you.


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