Hello readers welcome back to a new blog post. Probably the most asked question I get is "Nelo, I am getting darker what is the best cream I can use to get back my skin tone popping again"

A little disclaimer, I am not in anyway encouraging anyone to go and bleach their neither is this post about skin bleaching, toning your skin simply helps to remove dirt, pollutants and the effect of sun rays from skin and gives you a fresh a look. 

N:B: To achieve better results when it comes to toning its always best to accompany a good toning moisturizer with a good wash or soap, I will post on that soon. Also for the creams that have hydroquinone or any active skin lightening agent, please I do advice using it at night only and using a moisturizer like the NIVEA NATURAL FAIRNESS lotion with spf during the day.

So, the extreme glow is definitely the top on my list. This stuff works well and even though I personally do not use it because of the price, you know as they say "better soup na money kill am". This cost I believe between 14000-17000 Naira and all the people I know who use and have used it have really glowy skin and I hope to try it out one day...

This is another great body lotion, it does the job without making your skin look all reddish and patchy. If you do have the funds for it, this is definitely a great buy. This usually cost between 7500 and 8500 Naira and is worth every penny because it does work.

The next on my list will be the Q WHITE PARIS KOJIC +, I already reviewed this on the blog here so I am not gonna say too much about it anymore but this is legit an amazing body lotion and the price is not as bad as the extreme glow lotion or the QEI paris and its also a really good lotion. This cost 4000 naira.

The next lotion I have for you is an oldie but goodie. It has been in the Nigerian market for many years and people seem to under rate this. It does contain hydroquinone 2% which is the approved amount and it isn't harmful to the skin at all. I also reviewed it HERE

This particular kind of NIVEA lotion is not like the regular NIVEA NATURAL FAIRNESS, which does works but in my opinion works a little slowly. This particular type of nivea lotion can't be gotten in many stores in Nigeria but I have come across this in certain stores here in Abuja though like the "Perfect trust store in wuse, Abuja". I find this particular one to be more potent than the regular nivea lotion made for the Nigerian market.

This is the last on my list but definitely least, I gave this the last because I find that this doesn't work for everyone and I also find that this makes me sweat a lot which I absolutely hate especially when the weather is hot. But a few people have said that this works for them. I did also do a full review on this HERE.

This is another good lotion, it cost 3500 naira at my local beauty supply store. it is a really good lotion and its really moisturizing as well, I also like how it smells.

So that's it for my list of lotions, creams and or moisturizers for toning your skin. This are the ones that me and people that I know personally used and love. If you have any question or have any other lotion to add to the list please do leave a comment below and I will be happy to help you.


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