Hello readers how are you today? spots on the face can be very embarrassing, I personally usually get hyper pigmentation on my face as a result of pimple that have finally gone. From experience I am going to share with you things that work for me and people I know.

N.B: some things here are not highly recommended for people with sensitive skin but please do know that I will let you know which is which.

Clarins is one product I really love, but to be honest their products are really pricey but if you have sensitive skin, you can be sure that their products will not break you out. Their brightening day and night creams are absolutely amazing and will really help put with spots. Their day cream has spf which will help keep the effect of sun rays away. 


Serums are another good way to get rid of scars from acne or whatever. Above I have listed three which are really good and also can be readily gotten in Nigeria. The best amongst these 3 for me will be the truskin vitamin c serum but its not sold here but can be gotten from, you can order this directly to Nigeria you if you really wanna try it out, its also good for people with sensitive skin.

Retin A is another good way to get rid of spots, but you have to use it properly. Start from a really weak strength and moisturize after the retin A has dried down. Never apply it on wet skin, make sure your skin is dry first. I am actually about to use this cuz I have so many spots to clear out right now and this did work in the past for me. You can get this from your local pharmacy and is great for people with sensitive skin as well.

This last two I honestly can't say how it works on people with sensitive skin like mine but I have seen people who don't have sensitive sin use it and it worked really well and they are also very inexpensive.


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