This post is long over due (been lazing around). I do have A PREVIOUS WASH DAY ROUTINE for my texturized hair. It is still basically the same thing but with some twicks here and there.

N.B: Please make sure you read this post till the end, there is a sweet tip at the ending of this post.
STEP 1: FINGER DETANGLE YOUR HAIR: Avoid using a comb at this stage because your hair is dry and this could cause breakage, use your fingers instead to quickly detangle your hair. If your hair is too tangled use a detangler, I MENTIONED A REALLY GOOD ONE HERE or YOU COULD DIY A DETANGLER
 STEP 2: PREPOO- While this is not a very necessary step I love to prepoo before shampooing my hair (prepooing is basically applying some form of moisture before shampooing your hair to prevent the shampoo from over drying your hair). Usually I use my shea butter mix to coat my entire hair and then cover with a shower cap and leave for 15-30mins, but once in a while, I go an extra mile and coat my roots with aloe vera gel straight from the leaf.

and afterwards I still coat my hair with oil and cover with a shower cap, then leave it in on for 15-30mins. Your hair will feel super moisturized when you do this.
 STEP 3: SHAMPOO- I use my regular VO5 shampoo to wash my hair (the key is to scrub just your roots with the shampoo I. e apply the shampoo only to the roots of your hair. The rest of your hair doesn't need to come in direct contact with the shampoo, the foam from the shampoo when you rinse it out is enough).
 STEP 4: APPLY CONDITIONER- I usually use just a regular VO5 conditioner to detangle my hair. I apply the conditioner and use it to detangle my hair using a wise toothed comb. Then I rinse out the conditioner.
STEP 5: DEEP CONDITION- I use MY AUNT JACKIE'S CONDITIONER but whenever I run out I use MY DIY BANANA DEEP CONDITIONER or THIS ONE(ALSO A DIY). I cover with a shower cap and leave it in my hair for 30-60mins after which I rinse it out. 
STEP 6: THE LAST BUT A MUST STEP - Apply some oil to your hair, I use my shea butter mix (which I mentioned in my number 2 step), but you can use whatever moisturizing oil you have to coat your hair. AFTERWARDS RINSE THE OIL OUT WITH WATER, YOUR HAIR WILL FEEL SO SOFT AND YUMMY AFTER YOU DO THIS, I PROMISE. You can apply a leave in if you want to, I sometimes don't that's why I don't omit the last step. 

That is it for my wash day routine. I will update a co wash routine, which is a really fast but effective way to clean your hair...I hope you enjoyed this, do leave a comment below.... Also stay glued to the blog for how I style my texturized hair. XOXO......