Natureessence swiss collagen cream

Natureessence swiss collagen body cream ingredients 

This body cream I used way back in secondary school, so when I was searching for a good toning moisturizer at an affordable price (cuz school turned me into a coal mine) I immediately reached out for this one hence I have had no issues with it in the past. 
At first I was glowing, it didn't bleach me at all but it gave me this amazing brownish glow and in fact people often asked me what I was using and then the weather got hotter and I started to sweat, it started as a little itch at my back which I overlooked and turned into contact dermatitis (ECZEMA) after a while (arghhhh!!!), sensitive skin issues I guess because my friend has been using this for years with no issues, I had to stop using it immediately and treated it. I also think that this cream has lot of fakes sold in Nigeria. So if you have sensitive skin like me be careful how you buy this.

Weather or not I bought the fake one, I am scared to repurchase it.


Do you know that aliexpress delivers to Nigeria all you need is to buy from vendors who buy this facial spin brush now

QUICK TIP: the creams usually have a number that you scratch and send, insist of scratching it first and sending the sms before you buy or do not buy it at all, that was the mistake I made.

RATING: 1.5 out of 5
SMELL: Okay, not very glamorous but mixes in well with perfumes and body sprays.
COST: Very affordable, 1100-1800 naira for a  629grams tub
LONGEVITY: Will last a very long time.

Have you ever tried this or thinking of trying it? What creams can you advice me to use or what are you using? I would love to hear from you.  


  1. Eczema...hmm .....

  2. You got the fake one.
    The original goes for 3,000 to 3,500.

    1. Actually I believe there are two types, I went and bought the one of 3000 and it still did the same thing.