I love wash days because, I love the feel of water on my scalp.

N.B: Before you start i strongly advice that you either finger detangle your hair or detangle very carefully with a "wide tooth" comb. If your hair is too tangled, use a detangler  HERE, I also made one myself HERE .

  1. Prepoo your hair, this is highly recommended for when you are about to use shampoo on your hair. Message any oil of your choice into your hair and cover with a shower cap for 20-30mins.
  2. I use VO5 shampoo of course, to wash my hair. I only use shampoo after I take down braids or any protective style I carried for a long while. On a normal day I will replace the shampooing step with cowashing (when you wash your hair with only conditioner). I personally like to stay away from shampoo as much as possible.

After I rinse out my hair, I dry it with a T-shirt. The T-shirt method was something I learnt from watching youtube videos and I realised that whenever i use a T-shirt to dry my hair instead of a towel,, my hair does not frizz as much.

After my hair is a little dry, I apply a very generous amount of my deep conditioning mix. click here to know what exactly I "conjured" in HERE, . I then cover my hair with a shower cap and leave it on for about 45mins-1hr or even more depending on your schedule for the day, I personally do not leave it for longer because i find that I get the same result anyways. If you are able to use a steamer sit in there for about 20-30mins.

A little view of my loose curl pattern

(yeap and that is me in my shower cap, my neighbours were like, what is she doing??!!..What can I say, i prefer wash days outside). Afterwards, I rinse and finger detangle while I am rinsing out the conditioner. Then I T-shirt dry my hair again. I do not use a comb to detangle my hair at this stage.

For this step I use my fingers and section my hair, I then apply my Profectiv leave in strengthner and seal with some shea butter and carefully detangle from the ends of your hair to the roots with a "wide toothed" comb.

Tip: I did not style my hair on this wash day because i wanted to braid my hair the same day. To prepare my hair for braiding, after the previous step I blow dried my hair while pulling at it slightly  to achieve a straighter look and avoid damage while braiding...

Do you have a wash day routine? Please leave a comment.


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