Hello everyone, I decided to start this new series were I share with you my fashion and beauty grabs, I hope you like it. I went to Akwa Ibom state recently and of course I could not leave without grabbing something or in this case somethings. I schooled in Akwa ibom state and the one thing I like to pride myself in is the fact that I cannot spend even a year in a town without knowing where to shop (junkie issues).

If you are in Uyo town, you should be aware of Plaza by now, I always used to say if you get lost in Uyo, just stop any keke or taxi and say you are going to plaza and you`ll be fine..lol. I got the sneakers at such a bargain from plaza for just 1,500 naira from my sneakers guy, when you are in a town for four years schooling you tend to have a guy for a lot of things..lol.

The shoe was thrifted from the all popular Itiam market for just 2000 naira, being 6` has its annoying sides, like finding a right sized shoe at a bargain, I was so happy when i found these.

I don`t know why finding shades that fit is always such a hassle for me (maybe my big head..lol.), I got the shades at plaza for just 400 naira, talk about bargain hunting.

The earrings I also got from plaza, I couldn`t find my steel hoops (tears) and had to replace them, I couldn`t find steel ones though and had to replace it with regular hoops.

QUICK TIP: when you buy knock offs, just coat the earring or chain with nail hardner and it will fade less quickly.

I have been meaning to try out the choker trend, I know, I know, I am a stale girl. I did love it for the first few days, but it started to slack (sobs!!!) on a hunt to get a better one.

My friend actually helped me pick out the watch and I could not say no to it, I just love the red threading and strokes "thingy" (hehehe) in the watch. I got this for 1000 naira.

I was definitely in need of some bags and I am so happy I got these, I cant wait to use the peach clutch, it definitely reminds me of a Chanel purse and I just had to get it, the micheal kors bag i definitely see myself styling with some jeans and plated shirt or it could work as a clutch if I detach the strips. They were all thrifted and I got the three for just under 5000 naira from my bag guy of course...

I am Building my make up collection and of course I had to get an L.A girl pro concealer in the shade fawn and I have been loving it, I wonder why I am just getting this.

Classic makeup has definitely been growing in the Nigerian market and I already purchased two matte lip glosses which I have absolutely been loving. I needed a nude matte lip gloss and I decided to try this in the shade Nature. Review for this matte gloss here http://prettymundne.blogspot.com.ng/2016/09/review-classic-makeup-usa-24hr-show-lip.html

Which of these finds do you love the most? What have been shopping for recently? Please do leave your comments, I would love to hear from you...Have a blessed week..


  1. That plaza thing is so true. Lol. Well, Uyo is a small city so the probability of getting lost is really small. The peach bag is really nice.