Just to get our hair texture terminologies straight, texturized hair is basically hair in which a hair texturizer or texture softner has been applied to, it looks very similar to natural hair but your curls are looser, it is a great option for girls like me who like the whole natural hair afro vibe but whose curls are quite tough to maintain or simply cant afford the money to maintain tight curls...Enough blabbing now on to the good stuff...

Here are some texturizers that worked for me.

There is my stash..My hair journey has been a very indecisive one for the past 2 years plus until now. I went from natural in secondary school to relaxed but I didn't like the flat look of my relaxed hair so I went on a relaxed hair journey and even though my hair did really well I still didn't like it, so I went back to natural hair and then texturized and I have to say even though figuring out my texturized hair has been a journey and I literally had to chop off half of my hair last year December I have finally found the hair texture that works well for me and I am here to help you so you don't have to chop off anything like I did. These products are really cost friendly compared to a lot out there and they work great....



  1. A SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER: I use VO5 conditioner and shampoo, it has been around for years and it used to go for about 400 naira before this currency wahala, I got mine for 600 naira (which is very affordable still) from a beauty store where I stay. I hardly shampoo my hair so I use this shampoo like once every 3-4 months, I am more into cowashing. I use this conditioner for deep conditioning, yes deep conditioning and co washing I just mix it in a cup with olive oil and heated shea butter and leave it for atleast one to two hours on my hair an it works great, especially when your hair isn't as long yet...
  2. LEAVE IN CONDITIONER: A leave in conditioner or any form of moisturant is necessary, it not only serves as a good detangler but also a good moisturizer and heat protectant. The profectiv daily leave in conditioner and their other range of products are definitely my holy grail, this not only moisturizes my locks but also helps me style my hair. I got mine  from Perfect trust at Abuja Wuse II for 1750 naira and its quite a big tub and I know it will last me a good while. I like to use this after I T-shirt dry my hair and before I comb and style..Another good brand is Vitale, their range of products were definitely favourites of mine when I was relaxed and these two products work for my texturized hair as well. I use my vitale leave in to finger detangle my hair before I wash my hair or even to detangle my hair after I take out a protective style and it works great. You could definitely use this as well after your wash your hair  , it cost 900 naira and trust me a little goes a long way and it definitely last a long while....
  3. OIL: An oil is really good to seal in whatever moisture has been applied to your hair. I use my  shea butter after I use my Profectiv leave in,  just to seal in that moisture and whenever I style my hair, I use this Vitale serum just to add some shine..


The last but not the least is a spray bottle I can't the importance of this hair tool it's just great for when you don't want to get your hair wet and they are so readily available in Nigeria now.

Thank you so much for taking out time to read this. I hope you learnt something, are you on a hair journey too?, Do you have any questions? please comment below and I will be glad to give you a reply...


  1. Hi Pretty
    Nice post! .. It's really helpful. I was wondering what you mean by texturized hair. Like how does one texturize her hair? Is texturized hair better than relaxed hair? Stuff like that. I would really appreciate it if you could clear up that for me. Thanks!

  2. Texturized hair is definitely different from relaxed hair because of the amount of texture that comes with texturized hair...ill definitely keep that in mind for my other blog post..

  3. Nice one...waiting to see what you have next

  4. Well, your first critic will be me...lol...emmm, I don't understand jack, use constructive sentences but its nice. Want my gf to have ya style of ya hair

  5. @ nwachukwu uzoma..i will definitely get better with time..Tell your gf to read my posts more I will be going indepth on how I use these products to maintain my hair..Thank you

  6. Nice one, Nelly. Can i make my hair like that? Lol

  7. Sure..Men are all about their hair these days now..Thanks dear